Barry Swadron addresses Standing Committee on Witness Protection

June 6, 2007 - OTTAWA -  In the wake of national news stories including one in which a witness in the RCMP witness protection program committed a murder in his new identity, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security invited Barry Swadron to address it on June 5, 2007 respecting problems in the witness protection program.  Please click here to read the transcript of the proceedings.

Barry has served as counsel to many protected witnesses in matters of municipal, provincial and federal jurisdiction.  He appeared previously as a witness before The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs in its hearings prior to the passage of the federal Witness Protection Program Act enacted in 1996.  He has long advocated for the regulation of such programs to bring them within parliamentary and legislative scrutiny.

Following his appearance before the Standing Committee, Barry was interviewed by Carol Off of the CBC radio program As It Happens.  Please click here to hear the broadcast of the interview.