Barry Swadron addresses Consent and Capacity Board

October 21, 2010 - Toronto - Barry Swadron presented the keynote address at the annual general meeting of the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board held at the Toronto Marriott Hotel this evening.

After being introduced by Board Chair, the Honourable Justice Edward Ormston, Barry related a series of anecdotes beginning with growing up across the street from the former Toronto Asylum and ending with his recent cases involving end-of-life decision-making that the Board is charged with resolving. Along the way he recounted the early years of his career when, as a consultant to Ontario's Ministry of Health, he drafted Ontario's Mental Health Act, 1967, which he described as bringing the ideals of the civil rights movement to persons with mental disorder.

Following his address Barry was thanked by his Osgoode Hall Law School Class of 1961 classmate the Honourable Pat LeSage, former Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Mr. LeSage spoke with admiration of Barry's career, citing his perseverence and courage in pursuing social justice causes. The event was a moving and memorable experience for those in attendance who included the current members and staff of the Consent and Capacity Board and its Board and Bar Committee.